forget me not

Forced migration is a phenomenon that has been seen throughout history and has economic, sociological and psychological dimensions. People are forced to emigrate by deracinating from their roots. It is an emotional and traumatic experience for anyone who experiences this process. I also had to emigrate from Bulgaria to Turkey with my family when I was only 8 years old. We had losses and whose left behind in this traumatic situation.

In March 2019, after 30 years of our migration we had a trip to Bulgaria with my mother and my son. It was a very emotional experience. The season was spring and everywhere was green but I felt like I was in a black and white photograph. We visited our village and ruined house that we left behind, I found many family photos that I had never seen at my father’s aunt’s house. We visited my grandmother’s grave and prayed. The cherry tree at the head of her tomb was in bloom. I plucked some flowers and put them in my notebook to dry as memory. This flowers after inspired me to produce flowers series and the flower of “forget me not” become my project name.

To show Bulgaria from my view, I converted the photos which I took during this journey to black and white and manipulated them as leaving green and red color alive which referring to the bulgarian flag.

“Forget me Not” is a project that I produce using experimental photo printing techniques that allows me to take an intimate and impressive approach. It is a project that i worked for memory, belonging and those left behind. I follow my memories, whose fate is to fade away, and which can never be repeated in terms of existence and question my memory and rebuild it with meaningful coincidences of experimental photographs.

It is about Willpower, Coincidence, Destiny.